$ 80.00 / per child, All materials are included.

Monthly fees are due at first class of each month. This fee is not charged by the hour and there will be no discount for missing class(es) so please make sure that you make an arrangement for make-up class(es).


$ 25.00/child for trial class,

If family decides to sign up after trial class,  this fee will be credited to monthly fee.


$ 25.00/child for one time visitors

Invite a sibling or a friend to participate in class activities!


$ 25.00/child per class until beginning of new month

CLASS Schedules

*** Updated 9/23/2019 ***

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Hideki Juku Arts & Crafts Class Rates &
Class Policy



Monthly Class Fee - $80/child

  • All materials are included.

  • Monthly fees cover a one hour class, once a week. 

  • Payment is due the first class of month. 

  • This fee is not charged by the hour.

  • There are no refunds for missing a class, so please make arrangements to schedule a make-up class for those missed.  *Details on make-up classes below

  • $80.oo is monthly discounted price.  Regular price is $100.00 if you have 4 weeks ( classes ) in one month, $125.00 if you have 5 weeks ( classes ) in one month

  • If I cancel the scheduled class for any reason, I'll contact you before the class to arrange the make up class or I'll refund accordingly. ( If you paid discounted monthly fee, refund will be $20 per class, If you paid regular monthly fee, refund will be $ 25.00 )


Trial Class Fee - $25/child 

If your child would like to try one of our classes, we will happy to have them! There is a one time class fee of $25, payable at the start of the session, that will cover all supplies. Please make arrangements with Hideki Okuda to schedule your trial class! Contact information below. 


Friend/Visitor Fee - $25/child

If your already enrolled Hideki Juku student would like to bring a friend to class, no problem! We love it when your kids are excited to share art! Please arrange this planned visitor with Hideki prior to your student’s regularly scheduled class. Contact information below.


Students Starting In The Middle Of The Month - $25/child

If your new student is starting for the first time in the middle of the month, the class fee is $25 per class until the start of the next month, where monthly fees will then apply. This applies ONLY for first month of new students.




Please Read & Note The Following: 


  • Hideki Juku is a year-round program. The monthly fee is $80/child and will cover classes for the entire month, even if there is no school. If you are enrolled in the monthly classes, please plan to come to class until the end of the month. (Christmas holiday, end of school year, etc.)


  • The fees for classes cover everything your child will need for their class. 


  • Hideki Juku will be closed on the following holidays, and there will be no make up class, refund or discount for these days

  • New Year’s Day

  • 4th of July

  • Thanksgiving

  • Christmas




A Note To Homeschool Students With A Charter


If you are a homeschool family that is taking classes with Hideki Juku through a homeschool charter, please share the following information with your charter teacher: 

  • Please, do not divide the monthly fee to a ‘per class’ rate. 

  • It’s an $80/month PO

  • $25.00 per child per class for the student who is starting in the middle of the Month. 

***I really would like to help the PO process be as smooth as possible, so please have your Charter Teacher contact me directly for any questions prior to ordering the PO, so they are familiar with my class policy prior to submitting the order for classes.




Hideki Juku Make Up Class 

Information & Policy: 

*Please read carefully.  


I understand that families are busy and kids get sick, but I highly encourage every family to make a strong effort to not miss one of your child’s art classes. 

There are many disadvantages to missing class, including:

  •  Your child may attend a different class with a different group of students. That is not easy for many children and could affect their work.

  • They may be working on the ongoing project from previous class and your child may end up working on the project that he/she can not complete. 

  • Your child may work on the identical project he/she has already done before. 

  • The project they have in a make up class may be too easy or too hard


***I’ll do my very best to find right make up class for your child but if the classes of your child’s age group are full or projects which regular students are working does not fit, I may not be able to offer the make up class.  

Hideki Juku does not offer refunds or discounts on classes, even if your child couldn't take a make up class.  Please understand that I prepare project and material for each child on every scheduled class in advance.  Our classes can be very full and it is becoming very difficult to adjust projects and accommodate for make up class.

I apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding of this policy. 



Make up class policy

  • You MUST notify me that your child is unable to make a class. Please do not just ‘no show.’ 

  • You can notify me via phone call, text or email before their scheduled class starts.

  • We offer make up classes for your child when your child has to miss their regular class. Please contact me directly to schedule this class. 

  • There will be no refund for missing class so make sure to contact me before your scheduled class starts.

  • All make up classes must be taken within the same month. It does not roll over to the next month.

  • Even if a make up class cannot be made, there will be no refund.



Contact Hideki Juku with questions and/or to schedule a makeup class.
When contacting via email or text, please include your child’s name and regularly scheduled class.

Phone/Text:  (818) 605-9463