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Art Class

Monday - Saturday

Arts & Crafts all year round

For kids 4 and up!

$100 / monthly membership - All materials included 

Advanced Drawing Classes

Students will learn how to draw and paint in multiple styles and techniques (including Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, Pencil Sketch, etc)

Basic/advanced tool handling

Basic/advanced drawing techniques

$100 / monthly membership - All materials included 

Arts & Crafts Classes

From paper crafts to wood and clay crafts, students will learn how to think outside the box and create anything they can imagine

Basic/advanced sculpting techniques

Basic/advanced model making techniques

Scheduling & Membership Fees


How classes work:

Depending on what your child is interested in,  Hideki will do his best to match your child to a class that is appropriate to their skills and needs AND that accommodates to your schedule. 

Monthly Membership Fee: 
$100 per child
Payment is due the first class of month. 

Monthly Membership fees cover:

  • One hour class, once a week.

  • All materials used in class

Interested in trial classes?

If your child would like to try one of our classes, we are happy to have them! 
There is a one time class fee of $25, payable at the start of the session, that will cover all supplies. Please make arrangements with Hideki to schedule your trial class!

More about the class


Hideki Juku is a year-round program. Monthly fees are $100/child and will cover classes for the entire month.

The fees cover everything your child will need (all materials) for their class. 

*If you are enrolled in the monthly classes, please plan on coming to class until the end of the month. 

For Homeschool Students with a Charter

Hideki Juku is an approved vendor of the for the following charter schools

  • Sage Oak

  • Sky Mountain

  • Summit Academy

  • Inspire

  • Golden Valley

  • iLead

If your child is being home schooled and is taking classes with Hideki Juku through a homeschool charter,
please share the following information with your charter teacher: 

  • PO : $100/month

We would love to help the PO process be as smooth as possible.
Please do not hesitate to have your Charter Teacher contact Hideki directly for any questions prior to ordering the PO,
so they are familiar with Hideki Juku class policy, prior to submitting the order for classes. 

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