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My Story


My name is Hideki Okuda and I am the art instructor of

Hideki-Juku Arts and Crafts Studio.

Before Hideki Juku, I was the founder and CEO of Dream Delivery. For  30+ years, I made architectural models, prototype models, dollhouses, and props used in movies like Star Trek, Spiderman, Ironman, Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean, and etc. See my previous work at 
I have also been teaching children martial arts at Aikido Daiwa for 10+ years.


I started these classes because I wanted to start sharing and passing on my learned skills of craftsmanship to the younger, digital generation.  I want to provide a space for these kids to be able to think outside the box and create something out of nothing.

My goal is for each and every one of my students to be able to take something out of their imagination and create it into a physical, presentable object.

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